The Vanity Project was created to empower women.

It began with a simple concept. Self-love. 


The experience

It starts with a fresh face. 

Choose a look, unique to your own. Then it comes to life with the creativity and skills of our on-set make-up artist, Brianna. Her unique set of skills will transform your vision and bring it one step closer to that wow factor you've been waiting for.

 all make-up artistry by  Brianna  Everets

all make-up artistry by Brianna Everets

Enter the spotlight

It's okay to be nervous, vulnerability is a powerful feeling. And sharing that vulnerability with strangers can bring those nerves to the surface. But don't worry, I will coach you through those nerves. I'll embrace those silly faces with laughter and capture the raw moments which make this experience so worth it. This project isn't always about changing anything, its about embracing everything.


Brooke had this compassionate ability to make any nerves I had disappear during the photoshoot, which in turn enhanced the self love that I needed. I feel so lucky to be a part of the Vanity Project!
20180127 TG Vanity Project  BH 0075.jpg
20180127 TG Vanity Project  BH 0152.jpg

20180127 ER Vanity Project  BH 0082.jpg
Brianna and Brooke make sure that you feel comfortable and have the opportunity to embrace what this project is all about. From the minute I got there until the minute I left I was well taken care of and was able to completely enjoy my experience. Thank you Ladies!
20180127 ER Vanity Project  BH 0072.jpg

It was my first photo shoot and I was nervous. Brooke made me feel like I was unstoppable, and sexy. This was a big step for me in learning to love my body. The experience was empowering. I felt beautiful, and sexy during my session. The make-up I wanted was bold, and Brianna captured my vision.
20180127 AS Vanity Project  BH 0007.jpg
20180127 AS Vanity Project  BH 0170.jpg

20180128 CT Vanity Project  BH 0082.jpg
I am not the type of girl to wear make up but I loved the soft colours and bold blue; it’s matches my personality perfectly. Brooke made me feel comfortable and powerful in front of the camera.
20180128 CT Vanity Project  BH 0027.jpg

20180126 TS Vanity Project  BH 0308.jpg
20180126 TS Vanity Project  BH 0198.jpg